Preparing for cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Preparations and Information

A few things to prepare AND to know before we arrive:

Please have small furniture, side tables, toys, long drapes, laundry, electronics or other breakable items picked up and off of the areas you would like us to work in. We are happy to move sofas, loveseats, or recliners around in the space (if it can be done safely and there is enough room). Cumbersome items like bedroom sets, sectional sofas, hutches and entertainment centers will NOT be moved under standard pricing. We can safely clean around these items. Inform us of any special needs for cleaning under such furniture and we will provide you with an estimate.

Please perform a light vacuuming prior to your appointment. This is required for bulk hair and debris removal. The cleaning procedure is designed to remove water soluble goods through the injection of hot water followed by high pressure compression extraction (much like your clothes washer) and will NOT easily remove large amounts of hair or debris. Special procedures are available for detailed/extreme hair or debris removal at additional cost. Please inform us if this is a concern.

Please leave us enough room in your driveway for our large commercial cleaning vehicle to safely access the work areas with our hoses and have some room to set up. The closer we can get, the better the extraction power. In the event of inclement weather we would need at least some of the driveway clear of snow and ice for safety and to reduce tracking in a huge mess.

If any of these preparation procedures is beyond your abilities due to time or physical constraints, let us know and we can revise your cleaning estimate to meet your specific needs and budget. Our hope is to be able to provide a cost effective and satisfactory project for as many people as possible. Not everyone wants to pay for every option.

Please inform us of any special needs or concerns before we start cleaning. The standard cleaning procedures will often not resolve concerns like urine odor, dyes, paint, bleach, burns, marker, mold, filtration lines and food coloring filled drink spills. These are considered damage and will usually require special attention at additional cost.

Lastly our first goal is your satisfaction and to provide a healthy environment. We have a wide array of preconditioners available at no additional cost. From earth friendly organic products to powerful grease stripping agents. We even have a variety of scents or odorless cleaning options. Just let us know what you prefer. We want you to enjoy the service as much as possible. We look forward to seeing you and don’t hesitate to call with questions. 719-268-1611

Air Duct Cleaning Preparations and Information

Preparing for an air duct cleaning is simple. We just simply need a small path and access to all of the floor and ceiling registers in your home. Breakables or furniture blocking access to these areas should be moved away. If you would like us to replace your filter for you please have one available and we are happy to put it in for you.

Air duct cleaning can be greatly beneficial to your furnace and the air quality of your home. However it does have its limits. The cleaning is done with high pressure air and vacuum that will blast away material that the air handler may be circulating around your home. With that in mind it will not remove large items like a brick or large chunks of drywall. A HVAC contractor should be contacted for help with blockages. Also cleaning or servicing of sensitive furnace components should only be handled by a licensed HVAC inspector. We have referrals available upon request for this service.